• Willy Bett Visit to EATTA
    Willy Bett Visit to EATTA

    The CS for Agriculture Hon. Willy Bett during his tour to Mombasa Tea auction

  • Presidential Visit
    Presidential Visit

    His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta following the Tea auction proceeding at EATTA auction room in Tea Trade Centre building.The President made a visit  during his tour to Mombasa county on 19th January 2016.

  • About EATTA
  • Tea Producers
    Tea Producers

    These are member companies involved in the tea planting, farming, harvesting and production of tea. The companies do production, trading and value addition of tea. Producers teas are presented by brokers at the Weekly Tea Auction held in Mombasa. The factory/farmers owns the registration mark, sends a sample of their produce to brokers in Mombasa who then send the samples to buyers for evaluation before the auction day.

  • Auction Proceedings at Tea Trade Centre
    Auction Proceedings at Tea Trade Centre

    Mombasa has gained a reputation as a centre for some of the best CTC top grades in the world and an international blending floor with teas coming from within and outside Africa for blending. The variety of quality and progressively increased quantities offered have made Mombasa the second largest black tea auction centre in the world.

  • Tea Warehouse
    Tea Warehouse

    The Warehouse's function is in keeping physical custody of the tea to safeguard the interests of both the Producer and the Buyer. In this respect, the Warehouse acts at one time as the agent of the Producer and at another time the Buyer's agent. His involvement with the tea starts on the day the Producer's lorry arrives with the tea until the time the tea is placed in the vessel for onward transmission to the final consuming country.

Mombasa tea auction live

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