World Tea News

  1. Kenya Tea Auction looks promises compared to previous years : KTN News  The Standard

    The Kenya Tea Development Agency remains hopeful of the tea performing well ahead of tomorrow's tea auction that is to take place in Mombasa.

  2. Tea prices at weekly Mombasa auction drop to five-year low  Daily Nation

    Tea farmers continue to experience a harsh tide with prices at the Mombasa auction declining to a five year low from the previous sale even as the volume went...

  3. Slight rise in tea price at weekly auction  Business Daily

    Tea prices at the Mombasa auction rose by a marginal Sh2 but remained within four-year lows.

  4. Coffee, tea earnings drop as excess volumes fill markets  The Star, Kenya

    The value of tea exported for the January- November period grew by Sh8.9 billion, *fresh* data by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, reveals.It shows the value...

  5. US sanctions on Iran hit Kenyan tea cash  Business Daily

    US sanctions on Iran is taking a toll on Kenyan tea sales to the Middle East country as the declining volumes cut earnings.

  6. Storm in a teacup? Dar, Kampala exporters seek to exit Mombasa auction  The East African

    A push by Tanzania and Uganda to have their own tea auction could destabilise incomes, coming at a time that production and prices in the region have been...

  7. Tea prices flat at weekly Mombasa auction as supply increases  Daily Nation

    A kilo of tea fetched Sh221 this week, the same price that it attracted in the previous auction.

  8. Tea farmers face bonus cuts as prices hit 30-month low at auction  Daily Nation

    Tea prices at the Mombasa auction have hit a two-and-a-half-year low on increased supply, setting the stage for reduced farmer earnings in the current financial...

  9. Tea prices at the Mombasa auction down 13pc year-to-date  Business Daily

    Tea prices at the Mombasa auction remain depressed at 13 per cent below the first sale of 2018. A kilo on average fetched Sh236 in sale 27 this week, down...

  10. Rwandan tea is sweeter than Kenyan tea

    The land of a thousand hills grows not only sweeter but high-quality tea too and as a result buyer can't have enough of them. A kilogramme of Rwandan tea on...