Application for EATTA membership - General Information

The East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) is a voluntary membership organization that brings together Tea Producers, Buyers, Brokers, Packers and Warehousemen, affording them a disciplined environment in which to interact commercially, and to promote the best interests of the trade in Africa. EATTA has been in existence for over 50 years.

A membership application form and certificate of acceptance list is attached for your information. Please note that detailed rules and regulations regarding the tea auction and trading by members are articulated in the EATTA Rule book. A copy of the booklet is available at the EATTA Secretariat at a cost of Kshs. 250/=.

AFFA Tea Directorate’s Registration Certificate by Kenyan based Producer, Buyer, Broker, Warehouse and Packer applicants must be attached prior to being considered by the EATTA. The Tea Directorate can be contacted on the following address:

P O Box 20064-00200 Nairobi
Tel 020 2536886


P O Box 903486-80100
Tel 2314668/2313059
Email: .

Please contact AFFA Tea Directorate prior to submitting your completed application form to EATTA.

Applicants for Membership must be introduced to the Company by a Member (Proposer) and the introduction by the Proposer must be seconded by another Member of the Company (Seconder) both of whom must have been active Member(s) for a minimum period of three years prior to the application for Membership.

Note that the annual subscription fee is paid on a pro rata basis and is therefore determined by the month your application for membership is considered.

Definition of the various membership categories

  • Producers - Companies involved in the planting, farming, harvesting and or production of tea.
  • Brokers - Companies involved in selling of the teas on behalf of the producers, either in Mombasa Auction or by Private sale, in consideration for a brokerage (selling commission). There are currently 12 registered tea broking companies, all based in Mombasa.
  • Buyers (exporters) - Companies involved in buying tea, either in auction or by private sale, for the purpose of exporting that tea to various tea consuming countries around the world. This category also includes Buyers trading in the domestic market.
  • Packers - Companies involved in buying teas for the purposes of blending in order to create diverse qualities, and then packing into convenient, smaller – sized units suitable for selling through retail outlets.
  • Tea Warehouses - Companies involved in the reception of Producers’ or buyers’ teas for the purpose of safe and hygienic storage awaiting sale or export. Most such warehouses also undertake the role of preparing the tea consignments for shipment and export.